About Us

GR Investment is based on one of the vital pillars of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in supporting emerging entrepreneurial projects and playing a role in increasing their contribution in the local domestic production.

GR investment was established as a professional Saudi company that contributes in improving the local business environment and empowering young entrepreneurs through direct investment in distinguished ideas and emerging projects, whether in the early stages or after the proven success of the business model through two tracks:

The early stage before establishing the project

If you have a clear business model for a promising entrepreneurial idea or developed concept of an existing business model and you can write the business model with a precise description of the problem and solution with approximate numbers of the target market, expected income, required investment and return on it, then you are eligible to apply through this path. Apply now

The early stage of the emerging project

If you have a startup operating in any of the business sectors, whether providing a service, commercial or industrial " preferably technology is one of its main pillars ", and you can present a clear investment proposal that includes the current project numbers, the required investment amount, the share offered, the main elements of the expansion plan, growth, current and expected cash flow. You are eligible to apply through this path. Apply now